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Guitar World, June 2001

Cheap Thrills, Cool Stuff for Under $800 by Domenic Hilton

Geek love, four left field electrics that make their own bold fashion statements.

DiPinto Galaxie 4
With its exaggerated headstock and extra single-coil pickup, the Korean-made Galaxie 4 has all the googy appeal of a vintage made-in-Japan Strat knockoff. But unlike its tawdry precursors, the Galaxie 4 is well made, and a pleasure to play. It's attractive too, with an offset, double-cutaway poplar body that features a red lacquer finish with matching tortoiseshell pickguard and headstock face. The quartet of funky DiPinto single-coils deliver everything from lush jangles to snappy twang, and the Jaguar-style tremolo offers fluid, subtle whammy warble without losing its firm grip on the tuning. The comfortably profiled black lacquered bolt-on maple neck features fine fretting and low action, while the rosewood fingerboard sports cool star inlays and 22 polished jumbo frets. Sure it looks silly, but the Galaxie 4 is one seriously playable tone machine.

DiPinto Galaxie 2
DiPinto takes a slightly more conventional route with the Galaxie 2, serving up four single-coils in a dual-humbuckers configuration, a Tune-o-matic, stop tailpiece, dot inlays, and a natural satin finish on the neck. Otherwise, the construction of this custard yellow Galaxie 2 is identical to that of the Galaxie 4. The pickup arrangement pumps out big ballsy tones with rich overtones and excellent sustain, thanks to the fixed bridge. The Galaxie 2's neck is also great to play with stellar fretting and sustain-pumping fat profile. Yet another serious guitars in DiPinto's fun filled outfit.