Can I order a DiPinto direct from DiPinto Guitars?

DiPinto does not ship direct anymore. Please contact us to find a DiPinto Dealer that can help you. We have most of our dealers listed on our dealer page.

How do I go about getting a custom made guitar?

Contact us via facebook for any inquiries about customizations. Or, if you are not on facebook, give us a call at 215-427-7805.

Are USA made DiPinto Guitars available?

Handmade USA DiPintos are no longer in production. However, from time to time our custom shop will produce a handmade model available for sale to the public. Check on our facebook page or call the shop.

I am a professional musician, can I get a DiPinto sponsorship?

We have a few levels of sponsorship that we use when working with artists. If you are currently touring and supported by a label, you are probably qualified for an artist discount. Contact us through facebook, please include a link to your artist site.

How does the five position switch on the Galaxie 4 work?

Here are the pickup selections for the different positions:

Position 1 = Bridge pickup only
Position 2 = Bridge and middle two
Position 3 = Middle two
Position 4 = ALL FOUR!
Position 5 = Neck pickup only.

Every other pickup is reverse wound, so some of these positions are therefore hum canceling.

Can I convert my five position switch to four rocker switches?

Custom pickguards with four rocker switches (for the Galaxie 4) are available for $175. Some routing may be required. Or, you can send your Galaxie back to us and we will convert it for $250 (+ shipping).

*Any other questions, please contact us through facebook, if you are not on facebook, please call the shop at 215-427-7805.