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Belvedere Standard Guitar

"I just received my new Belvedere Standard (black) from Music123, and it is beautiful. I researched a lot of guitars and almost bought a Ibanez Artcore because I wanted a semi-hollow. Then at the last minute I stumbled onto the Belvedere for the same price, so I stopped to take a look. I'm sure glad I did.

I have been to your website many times to admire your flashy guitars and liked the Belvedere's the most, but thought they were a little to glittery for me. Well, I took a leap of faith and ordered the Standard, never having seen or heard one in real 3D life. It is perfect. I thought I wanted a bigger rock-a-billy special, but what I really (unconsciously) wanted was the Belvedere. Thanks for designing a really cool guitar."

- Randal Boyd

Galaxie Guitar

"My brother, nephew, and I came into your shop about 6 weeks ago so I could show them your shop. My brother was so impressed by your Galaxie guitar (Green) that he purchased it on the spot. MAN! Am I happy he did!

I have been recording a lot of material for my up-coming trip to Europe and I have almost exclusively been using that guitar. I am thoroughly KNOCKED OUT by the quality, versatility and colorations that I am able to achieve with this instrument.

Being a bass player at heart, I can't wait to get my grippers on the 2 Belvedere Basses that I have in mind. Keep up the phenomenal work!"

Michael Radcliffe
Stockport, Cheshire, England